• Hydraulic packing machine

  • Hydraulic packing machine

  • Hydraulic packing machine

  • Hydraulic packing machine

  • ZY41 Series Single-pillar Hydraulic Press

  • ZY31 Series Double-pillar Hydraulic Press

  • ZY28 series Double Action Hydraulic Stamping Press

  • ZY79Z Series automatic powder Hydraulic Press


Nantong Zhongye Hydraulic Press Co.,Ltd

pk10开奖结果  Nantong Zhongye Hydraulic Press Co.,Ltd is located in Nantong-one of the 14 earliest open coastal cities in Yangtze River Delta. It face Shanghai City across the river and is connected with Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, etc closely with the convenient traffic.

  Our company is expect in developing and manufacturing the hydropneumatic components, hydropneumatic and machinery, electric and hydraulic Products. The products include general hydraulic pressure machine, hydraulic metal extrusion press , hydraulic press for magnetic material , Non-standard box packing machine, hydraulic press packing machine for spin industry, Hydraulic Cylinder, Cylinder, hydraulic system for chemical industry machinery, digital control machine hydraulic system, etc. Besides, we can design and make various expert hydraulic equipments according to the requirements of customers.

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